An Air conditioning system is a control system that includes temperature, humidity,Air cleanliness, and air circulation, known as HVAC (Heating,Ventilation, air-conditioning, and Cooling).

The principle of air conditioning supply cold air, heating or dehumidification is similar, the use of refrigerant under the action of compressor, evaporation or condensation, which causes the evaporation or condensation of the surrounding air, in order to achieve the purpose of changing temperature and humidity. It is worth noting that the “heater” is a rare, excellent device with a thermal efficiency greater than 1 (if you do not consider the “greenhouse effect”).

The principle of the combined air conditioning unit: the combined air conditioning unit itself does not have cold or heat source, and is a box combined unit with cold, hot water or steam as the medium to complete the air filtration, heating, cooling, humidification, muffling, heat recovery, fresh air treatment and new and return air mixing functions. For example, the treatment process of the assembled air conditioning unit in the secondary return air system: the fresh air is filtered through the filter to filter dust and debris, and after a single heating, it enters the spray chamber for humid heat treatment, and then mixes with the secondary return air after cooling and dehumidification. The mixed air is heated by the secondary heater to the specified air supply state point, and part of the air is removed from the system by the return fan, and the rest is used as return air. The primary return air volume and secondary return air volume are controlled by the opening of their respective return air valves. In practical engineering, the composition of combined air conditioning units depends on the processing requirements of their respective processes. The combined air conditioner unit is the assembled air conditioner. Some have their own refrigeration system, some do not have their own refrigeration system (there is a surface cooler), to complete the required air treatment process, must combine filtration, cooling, dehumidification, humidification and other working segments.

The suspended Compact air handling units are energy-saving units equipped with a counter-flow hexagonal recuperator, EC motors, Mini-Pleat filters and integrated automation (Plug&Play).

  • Capacity: from 150 m3/h to 3,300 m3/h
  • Energy recovery: up to 90% recovery efficiency
  • Placing: suspended units

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