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Die casting is a process used for making small components for use in a number of assemblies and products. Though there are a number of processes used for this purpose, die casting design is most preferred for the advantages it has to offer above the other designing processes.

  • Complex shapes can be produced, which are robust and have a high tolerance
  • The part to part consistency is far better
  • Labor cost is reduced
  • Impressive surface finishing
  • Number of operations required is lesser
  • The amount of scrap is low

At times, you may require more than a single solution for engineering your product with high quality. Some parts may need precision cold-chamber die casting or thin wall aluminium technology, other processes may need just a two slide process, and maybe a third one requires multiple slides. Whatever your need be, employing die casting design ensures that everything is perfect. Prowell casting is a leading metal components manufacturer and offers all the solutions you need.

  • Custom die casting solutions
  • Value engineering
  • Formulates proper rigidity, weight, and thermal characteristics

With Prowell, you get the best die casting solutions at the best rates. We are global manufacturers of small, engineered metal components, and offer robust solutions to companies in all the fields like automotive, healthcare, consumer electronics, computer and peripherals, hardware, and so on. The die casting design at Prowell helps you save a lot of cost in manufacturing the component, as we offer numerous solutions to make the design apt and perfect

At Prowell casting, we believe in a value engineering approach. We offer all kinds of die casting solutions:

  • Aluminium die casting
  • Magnesium die casting
  • Zinc die casting

Along with years of experience in service, choosing Prowell casting will help you in other matters as well:

  • Your ideas are translated into reality with the knowledge and skills that we offer
  • Quality and timeliness of delivery are assured in all cases
  • The cost saving approaches we employ help you save money and reduce wasteful expenditure
  • Your product is engineered with great precision

Get your product designed with Prowell casting and experience perfection at its best.

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