Explosion-Proof Power Supply Solutions:

Explosion-proof transformers for mining are usually used in coal mines or places where there is a lot of combustible dust. There’s usually a thick explosion-proof shell on the outside. The principle of explosion-proof transformers is generally that electrical sparks only work in the explosion-proof shell, and only explode in the shell, which will not cause a larger external explosion accident. And in the coal mine operation, will produce a variety of combustible gases and dust, the use of explosion-proof transformer can be a good way to prevent the danger of gas explosion.

Explosion-proof transformer is a kind of explosion-proof transformer which can be used in inflammable and explosive places. It is an electrostatic device. It is a device that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to convert a certain level of AC voltage and current into another level of voltage and current of the same frequency. Function: Transform AC voltage, exchange AC current, transform impedance.


A transformer is a device that changes alternating current, voltage and impedance. When an AC current passes through the primary coil, an AC flux is generated in the iron core (or magnetic core), which induces a voltage (or current) in the secondary coil. A transformer consists of an iron core (or magnetic core) and coils. A coil has two or more windings. The winding connected to the power supply is called the primary coil, and the remaining winding is called the secondary coil. In a generator, whether the coil moves through a magnetic field or the magnetic field moves through a fixed coil, an electric potential can be induced in the coil. In both cases, the magnetic flux value remains the same, but the magnetic flux that intersects the coil is different. Change. That’s the principle of mutual inductance. A transformer is a device that uses electromagnetic mutual inductance to transform voltage, current and impedance.


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