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MAC Series

Magnetic Dimmable LED Drivers MAC series, The MAC-SERIES is the most compact magnetic core dimmable transformer making it the perfect choice for landscape and other indoor or outdoor lighting applications.


Encased in a high-quality metal enclosure that includes multiple ⅞” knock-outs for easy installation, each unit is equipped with primary and secondary self-reset thermal circuit breakers to protect both the driver and the load. All of our magnetic transformers are phase dimmable with any standard leading edge MLV TRIAC dimmer and come in both Class 2 and higher power single channel options.


Magnetic Dimmable LED Drivers MAC series Dimmable light

  • Magnetic Dimmable LED drivers, Low voltage transformers,
  • Wattage: 10W, 20W, 30W,35W, 40W, 50W, 60W, 75W, 100W, 200W, 300W
  • Output Voltage: 12V or 24VAC
  • Input Voltage: 120 / 277VAC Input Voltage for Commercial and Residential Use Encironment: dry and huimd
  • Low profile, Powder coated steel enclosure, Single circuit, Primary and Secondary auto – reset breaker
  • Class 2 and Higher Power Single Tap Options
  • input and output are lead wires.
  • Model No. Wattage Input Output Class 2
    MA10S12AC 10W 120VAC 12VAC YES
    MA10S24AC 10W 120VAC 24VAC YES
    MA20S12AC 20W 120VAC 12VAC YES
    MA20S24AC 20W 120VAC 24VAC YES
    MA35S12AC 35W 120VAC 12VAC YES
    MA35S24AC 35W 120VAC 24VAC YES
    MA40S12AC 40W 120VAC 12VAC YES
    MA40S24AC 40W 120VAC 24VAC YES
    MA50S12AC 50W 120VAC 12VAC YES
    MA50S24AC 50W 120VAC 24VAC YES
    MA60S12AC 60W 120VAC 12VAC YES
    MA60S24AC 60W 120VAC 24VAC YES
    MA100S12AC 100W 120VAC 12VAC
    MA100S24AC 100W 120VAC 24VAC YES
    MA150S12AC 150W 120VAC 12VAC
    MA150S24AC 150W 120VAC 24VAC
    MA200S12AC 200W 120VAC 12VAC
    MA200S24AC 200W 120VAC 24VAC
    MA250S12AC 250W 120VAC 12VAC
    MA250S24AC 250W 120VAC 24VAC
    MA300S12AC 300W 120VAC 12VAC
    MA300S24AC 300W 120VAC 24VAC
    MA500S12AC 500W 120VAC 12VAC
    MA500S24AC 500W 120VAC 24VAC
    MA600S12AC 600W 120VAC 12VAC
    MA600S24AC 600W 120VAC 24VAC
    MA750S12AC 750W 120VAC 12VAC
    MA750S24AC 750W 120VAC 24VAC
    MA1200S12AC 1200W 120VAC 12VAC
    MA1200S24AC 1200W 120VAC 24VAC

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