1. Power supply parameters:

a) Rated supply voltage :AC127V (voltage fluctuation range :75%-110%)

b) Input current (A1;

2. Basic technical parameters:

a) Rated output voltage DC:18V;

b) Rated output current value :700mA;

c) Maximum open circuit voltage DC:182V:

d) Intrinsic safety parameters :Wo:18.2V:Io:930mA; Co: 4.7 uF; Lo: 0.05 mH. 3. Overall dimensions :263mmX190mmX152mm(length X width X height); 4. Weight: about 15Kg;

5. Bear atmospheric pressure: 70kPa-160kPa; 6. Withstand vibration: acceleration of 100m/s; Withstand impact: peak acceleration 500m/s; 7. The anti-pollution level of this product is Level 3, and the installation category is Class III