The MXAC-SERIES is a multi-tap magnetic dimmable transformer making it the perfect choice for landscape and other indoor or outdoor lighting applications. Encased in a high-quality metal enclosure that includes multiple ⅞” knock-outs for easy installation, each unit is equipped with push-to-reset breakers, one on each output, to protect both the driver and the load. All of our magnetic transformers are phase dimmable with any standard leading edge MLV TRIAC dimmer.

120VAC Input | SINGLE – Channel 12 or 24VAC Output

  • Installation: Integrated Junction Box with Multiple ⅞“ Knock-outs

  • Driver Type: Multi-Tap

  • Dimming: Phase Dimmable with Leading (Forward) Edge MLV TRIAC Dimmer Only

  • Input Voltage: 120VAC, 50/60Hz

  • Output Voltage:1 2VAC / 24VAC

  • Environmental: Dry and Damp


  • 120 VAC Input Voltage for Commercial and Residential Use

  • Manual-Reset Circuit Breakers

  • NEMA 3R Enclosure

  • Phase Dimmable with Leading (Forward) Edge MLV TRIAC Dimmer

  • Integrated Junction Box with Multiple ⅞” Knock-Outs for Clean and Easy Installation

  • High Power Multi-Tap Output

  • ETL

  • UL8750

  • 5-Year Warranty

MXAC Series

Specification Sheet

MXAC Series Spec Sheet

MXAC Series

Installation Guide

MXAC Series Installation Guide

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MXAC Series

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MXAC Series Spec Sheet
Part Number Max Load Manuel-Reset Breaker Auto-Reset Breaker Input Output Dimming Class 2 Environment
MX500SOD 500W Yes – Output 120VAC 12 / 24VAC Phase Dry & Damp
MX600SOD 600W Yes – Output 120VAC 12 / 24VAC Phase Dry & Damp
MX1000SOD 1000W Yes – Output 120VAC 12 / 24VAC Phase Dry & Damp
MX1200SOD 1200W Yes – Output 120VAC 12 / 24VAC Phase Dry & Damp