Protection method of waterproof power supply:

1, overshoot circuit: Because the steady current type switch waterproof power supply is easy to form a current overshoot when starting and shutting down, LED loads such as ms current overshoot are not allowed, so that the instantaneous large current attack may destroy LED equipment.

2, overvoltage circuit: steady current type waterproof power supply if the load breaks, the voltage at both ends of the current detection resistance drops to zero, once the given value is not zero, the scheduler will make the input voltage surge to the maximum value, which is dangerous when the load is not connected. For loads such as LED and semiconductor refrigeration, when overvoltage occurs, the first task is to protect the load, followed by protecting the switching power tube.

3, overcurrent circuit: first of all, we must know that when there is a load short circuit, overload or control circuit effect and other unexpected environment, it will cause the current flowing through the switch tube is too large, so that the tube power consumption increases, fever, if there is no overcurrent protection installation, the high-power switch tube may be destroyed; The scheduling circuit may also cause the LED overcurrent damage, overcurrent protection as usual through the process sampling resistor or Hall sensor to detect, compare, and then complete the protection, but they all have the disadvantages of large volume and high cost.

4, through circuit: half bridge and full bridge is the common topological layout of switching waterproof power supply, “through” has a great threat to it, through is a unified bridge arm two transistors in the same temporary conduction sign. During the commutation period, the switching waterproof power supply is susceptible to nuisances and constitutes a straight through, and excessive straight through current will destroy the power electronic equipment used for inverter. Once there is a straight-through sign, the drive must be detected as soon as possible and turned off immediately to avoid the PN junction of the switching equipment to accumulate too much heat and burn out.

Also,we have waterproof transformer :