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Prowell casting has been in the precision castings for over 10 years and our solutions are of the best quality. Thin wall casing services with utmost precision are provided to all the clients. We offer our services to a wide range of clients in the agricultural, electronics, and mechanical sectors. With vast experience in metal manufacturing, we know exactly what you require and work in collaboration with all your ideas and requirements.

Using precision casting for your casting requirements offers a whole lot of advantages:

  • Efficient production of small, intricate and hard-to-machine shapes
  • Extreme versatility helps produce a wide range of cast components
  • Freedom of design in greater
  • Increased flexibility for all kinds of simple and even highly complex parts
  • Dimensional tolerance is high
  • Almost near to net shape with precise dimensional control
  • Cumbersome and expensive machining is eliminated and reduced
  • Productivity and cost-effectiveness are increased
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Parts have superior density, strength, uniformity, inherent strength, and far better physical properties than other processes
  • Less cost of manufacture
  • A wide range of materials can be manufactured with the process

The precision die cast is known to be really effective for all machinery. Working with Prowell casting has got a lot of additional benefits as well. We take complete control of your requirements and offer you the most accurate results. Our engineers are experts in die casting design, and can help and support in every way possible. We offer our customers a complete product development program. The customers receive all support to define, plan, and even execute all their projects successfully.

At Prowell casting, all the die casting alloys are of superior quality; we make no compromise in client satisfaction or quality. New and modern techniques are implemented to make your metal castings conform to the requirements. The techniques used offer high accuracy rates. We believe in cost effective manufacturing, and make sure you do not face any wastage of any sort. Get your die casting work done at Prowell casting and have a taste of the service we offer. You are sure to be more than happy and satisfied.

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